Video Ads Plugin Benefits

  • Works with any video player that is VAST 2.0 compliant, including JWPLayer, Flowplayer, Video JS, and others.
  • Capable of displaying third-party provided VAST 2.0 video tags from ad networks, RTB systems, agencies and advertisers.
  • Capable of displaying self-hosted media files (FLV, MP4, WEBM)
  • Adds ability to specify multiple media files in one ad, allowing the video player being used to select the most suitable format for the specific device.

Video Ads Type and Options

  • Inline video ads can serve pre-roll video ads that plays before the content the user has selected.
  • Stand-aloneĀ video adsĀ can be serve video ads that play based on user action (landing, scroll, click, time spent on page).
  • Both options can serve self-hosted and third party ads.

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