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Revive AdServer Video Ads

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Dragon 2.0 – Revive AdServer (formerly OpenX)

Measured Medium Engineering team has successfully migrated from our proprietary ad server to a customized version of Revive AdServer. While the open source platform streamlines maintenance and upgrades, key performance tools (top 3 priorities to maximize yield) like contextual targeting, retargeting and the ability to serve video ads were unavailable.

Compare 3rd Party Plugins

“There appear to be a few people providing plugins for Revive. However, it’s not often clear which people / company are still extant (operational) and which are even compatible with the latest released version/s. I do NOT mean for development related posts, I mean a forum which is dedicated to resources information.”

Having vetted 3rd party companies like AdServer Plugins and Revive AdServer Mod, Measured Medium Engineering opted to build their own plugins. The two main reasons for this was local support and pricing.

Serve Video Ads with Revive AdServer

Local Support

Mitigating down-time is critical and having a service provider in a different time zone wasn’t an option for our team. Measured Medium a U.S. based company, located in Los Angeles, CA.

Compare Video Ads Plugin Pricing

AdServer Plugins, $899.00 (USD) for Single-Domain

Revive AdServer Mod, $950.00 (USD) for Single-Domain

Measured Medium, Free for Qualified Users ($499.00 USD value) for Single-Domain

Video Ads Plugin Features

This custom coded videoAdsMM Plugin enables you to set up, deliver and track video ads in accordance with the IAB Digital Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) standard.

August 6, 2015 UPDATE

Compatible with Revive AdServer version 3.0.0 (Released September 13, 2013).

Revive AdServer fully compliant with the VAST 2.0 (Video Ad Serving Template) protocol defined by the IAB.

More information on Video Ads Plugin Benefits, Ad Types and Options can be found here.

Free Video Ads Plugin

For a limited time, Measured Medium is offering qualified users with a free single-domain video ads plugin. Please submit your domain, average monthly impressions and contact information to qualify.

Plugin Marketplace

If you are interested in free plugins for contextual targeting and retargeting, please submit your domain and contact information here.

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