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TV Still “Shek”ing-up with Twitter

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Hollywood's Biggest Shack Up Is Here To STAY!

Hollywood gossip never falls short of celebrity shack up rumors, a quick Google search will prove this point. For those of us in the ad world, the most meaningful shack up has to be TV Twitter. In 2013, there were limitless studies and articles available on the impact of Social Media on TV, with an emphasis on Twitter. What began as a proof of concept is now the norm, especially for TV shows like The Voice, where audience voting drives judging decisions that have a direct impact on contestants' chances of winning.

It's a Media Revolution

While this post may sound a bit nostalgic, it was inspired by Andrew Adashek, Head of TV Twitter at #VFSC, Vanity Fair's 2nd Annual Social Club. "When I started in digital, it was where you put people that you really liked but thought you should probably fire." joked Adashek (shek pun intended). Digital Marketers have since been vindicated and jointly steer the media revolution, so why are we still speaking in combative terms of awareness vs. engagement?

Joint Force Capabilities

I thought the same way most media team members would, I pictured the typical media plan where TV and Online budgets are allocated separately and live on separate line items. Then, with much anticipation, I raised my hand during Q&A and asked Adashek his thoughts on Social Media engagement measuring tools and their ability to surpass TV reach platforms like Nielsen as it relates to TV planning and buying. The full panel provided diverse point-of-views with my key take-away being that we live in an omni-channel world where Social Media acts as a force multiplier. It enhances the impact of TVs potential and should be embraced as a collaborative medium.

The Business of Social Media

#NowTrending: The Business of Social Media was moderated by Krista Smith. The panel was also comprised Billy Bush of Access Hollywood, Captivology Author Ben Parr, and Shira Lazar of What's Trending.

Social TV Phenomenon

Social Media Amplify TV Experience

57th GRAMMY AWARDS Swag Suite

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"It's all about the SWAG" at the GRAMMY AWARDS

The 2015 GRAMMY Gift Lounge presented by MTG was open to presenters and performers during three full days of rehearsals at Staples Center.

Gifting Lounge Video

Our team was honored to cover the event, here are some of our favorite picks from the swag suite:

Best Display - Candy Vixen

Desiree Bolanos, the OC Candy Girl, had a gorgeous "Willy Wonka" themed display table filled with bright blue sweets that would turn an Oompa Loompa a different shade of purple!

Candy Vixen @ GRAMMY AWARDS            

Our Favorite Hashtag -


Sometimes you have to be provocative to PROVOKE CHANGE! According to statistics by truth, FINISHIT certainly seems to resonate with the Millenials and younger. "Now only 8% of teens smoke. That's down from 23% in 2000 and from 9% last year! We can get it to 0%."

truth #FINISHIT            

Best Brand Story - SIS

We saw a familiar face representing SIS this year, stylist Anthony Bradshaw. Anthony shared with us a compelling story about Simone I. Smith, wife of LL Cool J, and founder of SIS. Simone is a cancer survivor and now plays an active role in helping to raise funds and awareness for the American Cancer Society. Simone was diagnosed with stage III chondorosarcoma and treatment required an invasive surgery that altered the appearance of her lollipop tattoo. "It literally looks like someone took a bite out of it,” says Simone. Inspired by her experience, Simone launched a collection of lollipop necklaces that are sold online and in-store at Macy's and Kohls. $10 from every necklace sold is donated to the American Cancer Society.

SIS Lollipop @ 2015 GRAMMY AWARDS            

Most Engaging Sponsor - Gibson

Being in the presence of world famous guitars was almost a spiritual experience. To add to it, Gibson incorporated live guitarists (with bone-chilling skills) to play song requests by attendees in the swag suite.

Gibson @ GRAMMY AWARDS            

LA Lakers Youth Foundation YOU Grant

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Only 2 Days Left to Vote for KYCC -  LA Lakers Youth Foundation

January 2015 Lakers YOU Grant

Koreatown Youth and Community Center (KYCC) is among five finalists to win a $5000 grant and need your vote! This grant will be used towards a public space revitalization project on Pico Boulevard.

Vote Online Now on by clicking here.


Mission Statement

The mission of the KYCC is to serve the evolving needs of the community by providing comprehensive multi-services to the low-income children, youth and families living in Koreatown and surrounding neighborhoods.

Funding Project

KYCC will reclaim a portion of Pico Blvd in the Pico-Union community from the blight of illegal trash dumping and graffiti by installing innovative art and green elements. With the guidance from a professional design team, local youth and community members will be led in designing a community space that they can call their own. KYCC, with the youth and community members who designed the space, will make this vision a reality as we join together on a volunteer work day to makeover the location and install the design.

Vote Online Now on by clicking here.

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