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Dragon 2.0 - Revive AdServer (formerly OpenX)

Measured Medium Engineering team has successfully migrated from our proprietary ad server to a customized version of Revive AdServer. While the open source platform streamlines maintenance and upgrades, key performance tools (top 3 priorities to maximize yield) like contextual targeting, retargeting and the ability to serve video ads were unavailable.

Compare 3rd Party Plugins

"There appear to be a few people providing plugins for Revive. However, it's not often clear which people / company are still extant (operational) and which are even compatible with the latest released version/s. I do NOT mean for development related posts, I mean a forum which is dedicated to resources information." Having vetted 3rd party companies like AdServer Plugins and Revive AdServer Mod, Measured Medium Engineering opted to build their own plugins. The two main reasons for this was local support and pricing.

Serve Video Ads with Revive AdServer

Local Support

Mitigating down-time is critical and having a service provider in a different time zone wasn't an option for our team. Measured Medium a U.S. based company, located in Los Angeles, CA.

Compare Video Ads Plugin Pricing

AdServer Plugins, $899.00 (USD) for Single-Domain Revive AdServer Mod, $950.00 (USD) for Single-Domain Measured Medium, Free for Qualified Users ($499.00 USD value) for Single-Domain

Video Ads Plugin Features

This custom coded videoAdsMM Plugin enables you to set up, deliver and track video ads in accordance with the IAB Digital Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) standard.

August 6, 2015 UPDATE

Compatible with Revive AdServer version 3.0.0 (Released September 13, 2013). Revive AdServer fully compliant with the VAST 2.0 (Video Ad Serving Template) protocol defined by the IAB. More information on Video Ads Plugin Benefits, Ad Types and Options can be found here.

Free Video Ads Plugin

For a limited time, Measured Medium is offering qualified users with a free single-domain video ads plugin. Please submit your domain, average monthly impressions and contact information to qualify.

Plugin Marketplace

If you are interested in free plugins for contextual targeting and retargeting, please submit your domain and contact information here.

Infographic: Buying Power Advertisers Can’t Ignore

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Asian-American Buying Power Increased By More Than $50 Billion In One Year

Expected To Hit $1 Trillion By 2018

In June 2015, Nielsen has released the third edition of its Asian-American consumer report: Asian-Americans: Culturally Connected and Forging the Future—profiling the fastest-growing and most racially diverse segment of the U.S. multicultural majority.

“Asian-Americans are focused on the future, trendsetting and leading the way in technology, digital entertainment and fresh food while maintaining strong ties to their cultural heritage,” said Betty Lo, vice president, Community Alliances & Consumer Engagement, Nielsen. “Increasingly ambicultural, Asian Americans’ cultural identities are shaping the mainstream market.”
Nielsen: Asian-American Buying Power Increased By More Than $50 Billion In One Year -- Expected To Hit $1 Trillion By 2018


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la18 logo


New Community Site of Features Refreshed Design

and Contributor Content by Leading Online Influencers

Los Angeles—KSCI-TV LA18 (LA18), Los Angeles’ #1 Asian TV station, officially announces today its new website,, a community-driven site that focuses on the increasing diversity of its audience.  “Our audience continues to evolve, and so we continue to evolve,” says Dennis Davis, General Manager of LA18.  “We're really showing them that we've heard them and that they can depend on us to stay connected, both offline and online.” The new site can be accessed by way of its prominently placed “SMContributor” link on the main navigation of, where visitors will find content developed by well-known Online Influencers, both Social Media Influencers and Bloggers alike. Online Influencers own a unique relationship with their followers, however, audience footprint was only one factor considered in our recruitment strategy.  Besides audience reach (number of followers), the Influencers’ strength of relationship with their respective audiences played a large role during the Influencer selection process.  Other important factors were expertise and affinity for their respective niches.  Core Contributors selected were Yuki Ito, Emily Tang, and Steve Han. Yuki Ito, Fashion Contributor. Yuki is best known as the Keyboardist for Nylon Pink, an all Asian-American female rock band based in Los Angeles. Yuki’s passion extends beyond music; she is a fanatic about fashion and recently launched her own fashion blog Emily Tang, Food & Travel Contributor. Emily is a field journalist & freelance TV presenter known for red carpet coverage across the globe. Emily uses blogging as a creative outlet and is weeks away from launching her own health & fitness blog, Steve Han, Sports Contributor. Since 2008, Steve has been a writer for, the world’s largest international soccer website which covers over 200 countries worldwide. Steve is also a former Journalist for KoreAm Journal and currently developing his own sports blog, The new community site also includes the following enhancements:
  • Responsive Web Design Enhancements: Site optimizations will ensure that visitors have an experience optimized for their smartphone and tablet. This will serve the same content to mobile and desktop users using a fluid grid and a flexible design to automatically adapt to the size of a user's screen.
  • Yield Management Improvements: and implemented new ad serving technology to optimize yield while positioning itself to deliver premium ad inventory to its advertisers.
Leveraging a delicate mix of Contributor content with LA18’s TV content seamlessly is our main goal.  The “Keeping You Connected” strategy goes beyond the launch of its newest website and we’re excited to execute new tactics planned throughout the year. “In an omni-channel world, it's really about telling the story around what we're delivering in a more integrated way.” - Ted Bartely, CEO, NRJ TV (Owner of LA18) About KSCI-TV (LA18) Founded in 1976, KSCI-TV is Los Angeles' #1 Asian-language TV station bringing news and entertainment, in multiple languages, to the largest U.S. Asian market – composed of nearly 2.5 million Asian consumers.  KSCI-TV produces and airs 9 local shows:  daily local news and variety shows in Chinese, Korean, and Tagalog.  KSCI-TV's over-the-air signal covers 5.6 million TV households in the Los Angeles DMA.  KSCI-TV is also a must-carry local station on cable and satellite systems in the L.A. DMA.  In 2008, KSCI-TV became the first U.S. station to multicast in various Asian languages on digital sub-channels.  One of its premier digital channels includes the 24/7 Chinese-language channel, LA 18.8 DT, that is carried on cable (Charter, Cox, Time Warner, Verizon FiOS) as well as free over-the-air.